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About Ravissant Dream Travel, LLC

Ravissant Dream Travel has been established to fill the gap between the high end of the standard travel services and the sophisticated, extravagant luxury travel. Ravissant's main objective is to enable our affluent and wealthy clientele to enjoy a unique authentic luxury vacation experience, creating unprecedented returns on trust investments.


The Passion For the Perfect Luxury Vacation

Ravissant Dream Travel specializes in travel tours and cruises across Europe. Our success is based on our proven ability to provide customer-driven travel services, combining original concepts with unrivaled understanding of our clients' specific needs.

My name is Presleith Yvette McPhee, I am the owner and CEO of Ravissant Dream Travel. Over the course of my career I have established myself as an innovative and genuine entrepreneur, with a unique approach to stylish vacationing and relaxation. Today I am proud to be at the forefront of one of the most exciting travel niches, setting new standards in how smart successful people choose to pamper themselves.

My personal enthusiasm for touring the world and my strong passion for stylish living concepts have resulted in the launch of a truly unique travel boutique, dedicated to cherishing the love of glamorous relaxation. It is undoubtedly a sweeping makeover of the common luxury vacationing habits, creating experiences known for sophistication, originality and personal emotions. These outstanding services resonate with my personal desire for perfectionism and my exquisite attention to details.

The Perfect Luxury Vacation For the Right People

Over the past years I've had the fortunate opportunity to tour and cruise all the exciting places I'm offering my valued clients. Based on my own experience, I do not plan itineraries, but I shape memorable states of mind. I do not just send my clients to destinations, but peak their senses with unforgettable surprises. In fact Ravissant is your lifestyle concierge throughout your entire luxury vacation.

At Ravissant we wrap up each tour or cruise with an authenticity beyond the reach of any other travel company. Our exclusive services uphold the finest standards of excellence, fused with a super-friendly service. With insider access like no other, we offer a highly personalized service to some of the most sought-after and glamorous locations in Europe.

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Don't waste your time on endless time consuming Google searches, online reviews or subjective friends' recommendations. Let's schedule a consultation! Tell us more about your travel plans and we will help you craft the idyllic VIP vacation, including accommodations, amenities and WOWs, tailored to your personal preferences.

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